Hurricane Shutters and More
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Keep Your Hurricane Shutters Ready!


Due to the harsh environment of our coastal regions, preventative maintenance and service should be performed on hurricane shutters a minimum of twice per year, often more frequently in extreme coastal conditions. Red Oaks provides preventative maintenance services to all makes and models of hurricane shutters, whether we installed them or not. The work is performed by our trained technicians year round, please contact us for a quote!

Accordion Lubrication Service

First, we clear the tracks of any debris. Next, we spray silicone lubricant into the top track for the entire length of the top track. Lubricant is also sprayed onto the wheels and nylon bushings. All of the locks and locking rod thumbscrews are lubricated and briskly moved to ensure that they are working correctly.

Accordion Shutter Refurbishment

When accordion shutters are neglected for any period of time, particularly when expose to oceanfront environments, they age rather quickly. Locking rods can become stuck, locks can seize up, making them unusable. Red Oaks offers a refurbishment program where the shutters are removed from the building and brought back to our shop. At our state of the art facility, we give the shutters a full inspection and replace any damaged or disabled parts or mechanisms. The shutters are then cleaned thoroughly and the wheels are waxed and all of the components are lubricated so the shutters perform in a much better fashion.

Rolling Shutter Lubrication

For this service, tracks are cleaned of any debris. Silicone lubricant is liberally sprayed in the tracks, gears, and motors. Shutter is rolled up and down to distribute lubricant.

Rolling Shutter Motor Replacement

We offer motor replacement and full electrical service on rolling shutters.